Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lying As A Way Of Life

You gotta lie. You got no choice.

People ask how your day went or how you're doing but they absolutely do not want to hear the truth.

If you are truthful you might say: "You know what? My day sucked. It ripped my guts out. My day was blood sucking torture. My day was like razor blades dragged across my eyeballs. In fact every day is like this. My whole life is like this"

You could be truthful - you could explain that your life is nothing more than an open wound, a viciously painful thing that torments you during every waking hour and most of the hours allocated to sleep.

You could offer that answer but that would be the truth and nobody wants to deal with anybody else's truth.

If you said those things, the person you said them to would respond "Oh, please - suck it up. Just suck it up."

Because that is how they are conditioned. That is the go to response for unfeeling, unsympathetic, empathy challenged semi-humans.

There is no room for truth in our lives.

Conversations are a fantasy. There are no conversations.

The person who is hurting, the person who desperately needs someone to understand will say: "I am pretty good. I'm doin' alright."

And even though the listener knows this is a lie, they will respond: "Good. You got through the day. That is definitely a good thing."

There is no communication going on there. None at all, whatsoever in any form or permutation.

It is all a game, a lie, pure bullshit; and it definitely does not improve or advance human emotion or connection; it does not create a space for pure honesty that might result in a life changed for the good.

Human beings are fragile. But there is no room to express the pain that fragility creates.

It is not allowed.

And we wonder why this world is overwhelmed with violence and torture and injustice.

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