Friday, February 17, 2017

Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

It is not necessarily a bad thing to kill old ladies.

Is it?

After all, they are old, they are vulnerable (easier to kill) and for the most part they got nothing going on.

Except volunteering. And reminiscing. Endlessly.

I know this guy who works with old broads and he really has them fooled. They think he is great; they love him. They tell him how happy they are to have him around and that they are glad he is happy there.

He listens attentively, laughs at their jokes that are so bad and so fucking boring. He listens to their old tymey frame of reference and refusal to move along with the world.

As he puts on his show he dreams of slit throats and bashed in heads.

Even a few shocking words would be satisfying.

"Hey Pablo, can you grab that bin of childrens' clothes for me?"

"Hey, old bag, why don't you just go fuck yourself. I am too goddamn relevant to be your fucking servant."

He has these dreams. Running them down with his car, clubbing them with a baseball bat, poisoning their fucking afternoon tea, spitting in their faces.

He could do these things.

Or he could just change jobs.

Life is full of tough choices.

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