Thursday, March 2, 2017

A History Lesson (One For The Ages)

There were two types of trump voters.

Fanatical trump supporters who would have voted for trump even if he raped and killed the pope one week before the election.

These people are unreachable. They should have howled when trump admitted that we are paying for the wall - not Mexico - but they didn't. Because not only are they willing to accept him, they are willing to accept any policy reversal that proves he lied during the campaign to dupe gullible voters.

(Editor's note - I don't believe there will ever be a wall. It is a ridiculous idea and one that is destined to die. At which point trump will lie about the reversal and blame somebody else).

There were people who knew in their gut they were making a mistake but pulled the lever anyway; and then could not eat for a week afterwards.

These people should already be horrified by this clown. If not, they will be soon. Then they need to start speaking out against him and taking positive action to make sure an ass-clown like him will never again be elected.

I took the position during the campaign that anybody who voted third party was voting for trump; that anybody not voting was voting for trump.

That is a cold, hard truth.

I took a lot of shit for that.

I was not campaigning for Hillary Clinton's sainthood (I was a passionate Bernie guy), I merely understood that this was the wrong time - a dangerous time - to make a stand.

I understand that people who hated Hillary believe that she and Bill killed 100 people and buried them under the White House. In fact I have breaking news for you - they didn't bury the bodies - they ate them. I know for a fact that every time they murdered someone they hosted a lavish barbecue in which the entree was human corpse.

Still, she should have been forgiven and elected to the presidency. Cannibalism is no where near as bad as a trump presidency.

trump's administration is falling apart. He will be impeached because he is too stupid and uninformed and damaged psychologically for this not to happen.

His impeachment will not help us. He surrounded himself with cold-hearted people, idiots, and vicious corporate killers who do not have one compassionate bone in their bodies for American workers; the people who live paycheck to paycheck and depend on elected officials to keep them safe and make reasonable economic decisions that provide opportunity.

His entire administration would have to be wiped out for working Americans to have a chance at survival.

Who would replace them? Perhaps The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Couldn't do any more damage and they are about to become unemployed anyway.

So that's where we are people. Unfortunately. A deep hole has been dug. We need to start climbing out of it if The United States of America is to remain The United States of America.

As monkey man would so eloquently say - sad.

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