Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Last night I was listening to the ass-clown of a president that currently occupies the white house and was amused at his god-like opinion of himself.

He makes these over the top, completely unrealistic promises that he will never fulfill. In fact I believe he has no intention of fulfilling many of them.

trump has seized on the disappointing truth that most people have little interest in politics, that most people pay zero attention to how politicians fuck their constituents. He knows he can say anything he wants and certain people will lap it up and then go away and continue to struggle to survive.

Unfortunately, because of Americans' apathy and desperation, a hell of a lot of people actually believe that trump will fight for working people. Or at least they are on their knees praying that trump will fight for working people.

As monkey man would say - so sad.

Millions of Americans have been set up to be brutally disappointed. I believe that not only are their lives not going to get better - they are going to get worse.

As I listened I was thinking that if I took a trump approach to explaining my plans for 2017 to Carol, it would go something like this:

"Baby, I am going to earn $250 million dollars by the end of the year. I am going to have my first novel published and it will sell 6 trillion copies. I am going to start practicing my guitar again and The Stones are going to invite me out on tour. I am going to discover a cure for cancer; in fact I am going to discover a cure for death. Believe me, nobody hates death more than me."

As I ponder this, it is possible that I actually made or implied promises like this 40 years ago; why the hell else would Carol marry me?

But I digress - Warning, Will Robinson - do not take trump at his word. He says only what you want to hear, not what he is actually going to do.

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