Sunday, August 21, 2016

More "Smart Phone" Stupidity (It Never Ends)

I was driving home Friday night in a wild and carefree Friday night mood.

Bippin' and boppin' and hippity hoppin'.

Glanced to my left to see a guy walking his big, beautiful, black Great Dane.

Trouble was the idiot had the leash wrapped around his wrist so he could text. Ignoring this special animal who I'm sure was delighted to be out and about with his "master".

For Christ sake, can you not just enjoy a Friday night walk with a dog who lives for your company? Show your dog some love and communication; talk to him?

Revel in the pure love that exists between you? The only pure love you will ever experience?

Fucking fool.

I wanted to swerve over, cut the moron off and slide the dog into my back seat. Lincolns are perfect for Great Danes. Everybody knows that.

Would have been kind of fun to introduce this massive dog to my two cats. Watch him cower as they challenged his authority. Eventually, though, they would become best friends. I know it in my heart.

I didn't let "smart phone" man bother me for long. As I thought about Maka and Lakota I smiled, looking forward to when I would get home and kiss their little heads.

Because they deserve my love. They give it back in spades.

Side Story: Carol and I are about to acquire "smart phones". I guarantee that there is zero chance that those devices will ever make us look stupid.

At least as far as ignoring the cool things in life. The meaningful things.

Figuring out all the options and possibilities is another story, though.

We will look like cretins.

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