Monday, August 15, 2016


Sometimes you gotta recover from a good time.

Carol and I had a magnificent and busy weekend.

Saturday we lazed around until the evening when we got together with Jason and Karen and Mel and Greg and D'Leanne.

Enjoyed dinner, shot the shit, played a card game.

As we sat around digging the food and each other, I focused on the simple joy of sharing a meal with friends.

You know how it always looks so cool in the movies? Somehow, when you do it in real life it doesn't seem so deep. But I kept looking around and taking it in; the interactions, the simple ritual of eating together, the shifting but natural flow of conversation and laughter. And everybody contributed something to the meal, which gave it an even more communal feel.

I made a movie out of it in my head.

Anyway, we got home that night around 9:30, lazed around some more, went to sleep, got up and almost immediately trucked out of the house on our way to Craig and Karen's.

We were headed to Fenway; Craig drove. Even though it was 2,000 degrees we had a great day (we lucked out - our seats were in the shade) and the Sox kicked some serious ass.

We got to spend the day at Fenway, we got to spend the whole day with Craig and Karen (it is supreme joy every time we spend time with our sons and their women), we got to talk and laugh and enjoy each others' company.

Carol and I left at 9:00 in the morning, got home at 8:30 last night.

Carol took today off, I have it off and the Sox are on, making it feel more like a weekend day than a Monday.

We are happy tired and feeling good about being able to recover from a very good weekend.

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