Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boehner and McConnell - Ugly Inside and Out

I can't take it anymore.
When President Obama was elected I was stunned amazed and amused. I could not believe this country had evolved to the point where it would elect a black man to the presidency. I could also not believe this country would elect an intelligent man to the presidency. This country is deeply prejudiced racially and we are intimidated by intelligence. But I dug it.
Since then I have watched him struggle. He has accomplished a lot but everything he has done is watered down. Our political process demands this. However he could accomplish so much more if republicans actually worked for the good of the country in support of their own point of view instead of focusing only on stopping President Obama, blocking President Obama and ultimately making sure he does not get re-elected. They have actually said this. That idiot Mitch McConnell said his goal is to make President Obama a one term president. All you have to do is look at that sagging face to know the man is a fool. Shouldn't his goal be to satisfy the needs of his constituents? The assumption being that if his constituents are happy and they represent a majority, than President Obama will be defeated anyway.
There are so many instances I could talk about to make the point that republicans do not care about this country, they only care about their party. But let's deal with the current debt ceiling, expense cutting, no revenue raising debacle.
These morons refuse to negotiate with the President; they continually chant no tax increase, no tax increase, exposing their mob mentality for what it is - sheer selfish stupidity. They want people who are already suffering to suffer some more. People who are out of work, people who are underpaid, people who are sick, people who are elderly. They say no more taxes as if they are defending the middle class, when in actuality they are defending the filthy rich. President Obama is looking to cut loopholes and deductions that allow the rich to pay ridiculously low tax rates. And again he is compromising beyond belief, getting much less than he wants, much less than this country NEEDS, in order to make it all happen.
And the republicans continue to disrespect him. The President made good points in his speech last night and acknowledged Boehner's genuine efforts to compromise, before Boehner was sidetracked by tea party cretins and weak willed republicans. Boehner came out in his response and attacked President Obama.
I have been disappointed by President Obama's lack of toughness. I hated watching him compromise so much on so many things. He inherited problems of huge proportions, many of them begun under the brilliant leadership of George W. Bush. I think President Obama underestimated the difficulty of negotiating through our bloated bureaucracy, and he underestimated the resistance he would get from republicans who are dedicated to fighting him on every single thing he tries to accomplish.
The republicans are willing to jeopardize the credit rating of this country, to push us into default, which will destroy the lives of "average" Americans. The rich will not suffer, the rich will smirk. Does this sound like politicians who are fighting for the good of the common man? They say raising taxes to business owners and the rich will destroy jobs. Are you serious? Forcing the government to cut spending will kill jobs.
I understand the government is inefficient and huge amounts of money get wasted. This problem has to be dealt with. But it has to be done intelligently. Cutting medicare and medicaid and social security benefits is a horrific plan. Cutting waste within those organizations is the way to go.
But the republicans refusal to raise taxes on the rich necessitates unreasonable spending cuts, and people will suffer. And they do not care.
I have since come to believe that President Obama's election was a fluke. I don't know how it happened; this country is no where near advanced enough to elect a man like him. But I'm glad it happened.
republicans don't want him re-elected because he will then rule with an iron fist, free of the worry of campaigning for another term. He will have four years experience under his belt and hopefully a taste for revenge.
This country is fighting for it's very soul, it's very existence. If republicans win you might as well change our name to The United States of America Inc. And you might as well prepare to suffer financially like you have never suffered before.
The President urged people to contact their representatives last night if they supported his position. Congressional websites crashed last night because so many people responded. This gives me tiny hope, but hope nonetheless.
I am not done. This is merely an outburst. When I soon write my manifesto it will be 14 pages long. I have that much anger stored up over the way reckless republicans toy with my life and yours while protecting the interests of the very rich.
This country is run by money. Always has been. And big money cares only about getting more money and protecting their own interests AT ALL COSTS. President Obama is trying to change this, to poke a small hole in the status quo, to protect and maybe improve your life. This is why they fight him so hard.
You better believe my reps and Senators will be hearing from me. I am tired of eating cat food three days a week. republicans want to scratch my neck, give me another bowl of water and kick me into a corner just as I begin to trust them.
I will scratch their eyes out given a chance.

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