Thursday, March 31, 2016

70 Degrees and Counting

What do you do when it is March 31, 2016, you have the day off from work (Thank You Jesus Christ) and it is 70 degrees?

You dig it, baby - you dig it.

I am sitting on my screened in porch as Maka, curled up in her porch bed, keeps an eye on me. Sitting here wearing only a T-shirt.

Wait, sorry to scare you - I am wearing pants as well.

I never understood that guy thing where they walk around in boxers. What the hell is that all about? I'm sure it is comfortable but it looks ridiculous.

Of course I am currently wearing blue plaid wool sweat pants kind of things. I am not sure I am making a respectable fashion statement, but who the hell cares. I have not been around one other human today, have not even spoken to another person and there are many days when that is exactly what I require.

Sweet solitude and peace.

 I got a feeling. (Love that Beatles song. Are you really surprised?) "I got a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah." Another one of those songs where John and Paul each had half a song done, so they mashed them together and came up with a great song.

They were so goddamn talented.

I got a feeling that Carol and I, and hopefully my entire family, are about to fall into a sweet, soft, fun-filled, eventful, soul- nourishing summer. I'm going for the music, the barbecues, the family get togethers, the day trips and the night soul.

I have dug this time of year in the past, tried hard to appreciate it. This year I am going to attack it, wrestle it to the ground and put my own personal stamp on it.

Count on it.

Winter treated me right this year. I like the feeling of gliding from a mild winter into the truth and beauty of easy living.

Spring and summer, baby.

Spring is a sweet precursor to the weather I love. It is a lively season when things grow and the body comes alive. Alive to aromas, and warmth and breezes and birds. Carol was already scraping in her garden when I got home from work last night. What a beautiful sight to behold.

You become grateful (if you are lucky and then aware, in that order) for the life that you have. It may not be much but, son of a bitch, you can dig it outside.

Your world has expanded. You are no longer stuck in the house, hunkered down in hiding, waiting for the next day to come around and kick the ass of your hopes and dreams.

You can pour yourself a glass of wine and walk out into Carol's Garden (oh wait - that's my reality, not yours) and just be.

Just be. Free and easy. Comfortable and uncluttered. Like an evolved human being.

There is great solace in warm weather and beautiful birds who sing their freedom to you and a fountain in the garden that gurgles peace of mind and reflection.

There is a strong breeze blowing right now and I am not cold. It feels so good.

I know it will get colder this weekend but it doesn't matter.

I got me a taste today.

My soul stood up and took notice, like the gopher in Caddyshack.

And as Clubber Lang said in Rocky III: "I can't be beat. I won't be beat."

I am on my way, baby.

I cannot be stopped.

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