Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Feeling Glorious

I was driving to work last Saturday and I was feeling glorious.

A rare and inspirational occurrence.

I work retail so my schedule is all over the map. Early, late, mid-day, weekdays, weekends, holidays. It is a truly strange existence. Your life and your rhythm are not anchored to anything.

One benefit to that is that you get to see the world from different angles.

Saturday, March 5, 2016 was a gloriously sunny day. Not so warm but brilliant in illumination.

I like mornings because the sun is low; it comes at me over my left shoulder - it hits houses and cars and trees and people and animals and...........in a different way.

I love the sun high in the sky in July when life is real, but there is no drama there. A low angled sun reflects life back to you with a different perspective. It offers you a chance to see a different reality.

Typically, I hate working Saturdays and I really despise working on Sunday, but this particular morning had me feeling loose and free.

I walked out the door that morning and stood on my porch for a minute or two looking at my yard, listening to the birds, absorbing the sun and its promise of magnificent spring and summer to come.

Five minutes later I was driving by a car dealership on my right; the sun was blasting right into the windshields of a bunch of trucks and making art out of the clean beauty of vehicles vying for the consumer dollar.

That was when I really came alive.

For a moment I was taken aback by the scene; the day was so pretty, car dealerships are the work of the devil.

I got over it.

I spent the rest of the drive swiveling my head around, taking everything in that my senses could handle, in bold disregard for the rules of the road.

How hazardous could it be? Although many people work on weekends now, traffic is still lighter on a Saturday or a Sunday.

This gives me hope. I despise the fact that our lives have been chopped up and disrupted by the job situation and the economy, and by corporate vultures who treat the lives of their employees with disdain in current day america. The fact that traffic is lighter on weekends gives me some faith that there are still those who work Monday-Friday and get to actually enjoy weekends with family and friends.

However I propose that the word weekend be stricken from the dictionary. In general, weekends no longer exist for working stiffs. There is only the week.

I survived the ride. I made it to work. I walked through the doors with a bounce in my step.

I didn't even shout out "FUCK!" at the top of my lungs as I usually do when I open the store and I am alone.

March 5, 2016 only existed for a moment. There will never be the exact same set of circumstances converging in the same way ever again.

I am glad I was awake for it.

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