Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Thank God For Dreams

I was a rock star this morning.

In my mind.

Shortly before the alarm went off I was deep in a dream. I was a member of The Doors and we were giving a concert on a lake somewhere.

Absolutely gorgeous setting. The sun was setting, it was sparkling off the water, it was right in our faces.

We were coming to the end of the concert and had just started to play a slow moving typical Doors kind of jam filler - bluesy, ominous and deep. The crowd was chanting "Light My Fire, Light My Fire."

We were looking out and around the lake at the huge crowd that was assembled all around the lake chanting and clapping.

I leaned in to our lead singer - who for some strange reason turned out to be Steven Tyler instead of Jim Morrison - and said "Can you believe this? This is unbelievable. This setting, all these people. This crowd is going to explode when we play Light My Fire. We are so lucky."

Steven was smiling that big mouthed grin of his and nodding his head.

We started in on "Light My Fire" and the crowd erupted.

The point is that I felt all this.That is the beauty of dreams.

I felt the overwhelming sensation of thousands of people throwing their love at you. I felt grateful for my life. I felt excited.

I felt the words exactly as I said them to Steven Tyler.

I was almost in tears looking from the stage around this beautiful lake on this gorgeous day at all these people.

I felt these emotions as if they were real.

I want to live in my dreams.

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