Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beauty & Blood

Crawl out of bed this morning at 6 a.m. so I can offer up some blood.

Got a physical with my new doctor on Friday and they want to play around with my blood before I get there.

I dumped my previous doctor last year after years of a contentious relationship - she really was a bum.

The guy I had before her is the Doc that I miss. He was around my age; we understood each other - we could talk. He wasn't trying to cram new prescriptions down my throat, he was not condescending.

When I was in my fifties he and I were talking about how the body ages. He asked: "Do you have to stand closer to the toilet when you urinate?"

See what I mean? He got it.

Now I got a new doc and I haven't seen her yet. She is actually a physician's assistant. My real new doc won't come near me unless I experience some sort of catastrophe. That is how medicine works today.

Anyway, I "fasted" overnight and zipped in to Concord because the lab opens early. Fasted is hyperbole - all I did was sleep. I ate at 6:00 last night and then had nothing but water before going to bed. Nothing to it.

I wanted to get in and out early because I have another goddamn inventory tonight. Gotta be in at 12:30, probably get home around midnight.

It is my last inventory but it shouldn't be happening. We conducted a year end inventory last fucking month but because some morons in a few stores screwed up, which pissed off the auditors, every store in the state has to re-do the year end inventory.


Anyway, I am driving to and from Concord early in the a.m. and I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the day. Absolutely gorgeous.

Sun is blazing down,  low in the sky, the trees, plants and every other living thing are ready to burst in to exuberance.

The day is just pregnant with possibility.

I would not have been surprised if there was something akin to a manageable nuclear explosion - a white light in the sky smoking out all vision temporarily - and when it all cleared, suddenly, every tree, plant and flower was in full bloom.

A day like this makes you feel and think that that could happen to you. That suddenly and unexpectedly, you could become the person you always wanted to be, the person that you are, naturally, and that your life would just fall into place like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

A day like this makes you feel alive.

Yin and yang, baby - yin and yang.

I am set up for a miserable, long night. I will endure a physical which will reveal little or nothing about my real state of health.

I also have today. Sheer, soul-nourishing beauty.

You gotta take what you can get.

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