Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sergio Garcia Owes Me

Sitting in the waiting area last Friday, waiting to be poked and prodded by the new Dr. Feelgood.

One magazine to read - Golf magazine.

I read an interview with Sergio Garcia.

I knew the man existed, knew the name but I didn't really know anything about him.

He was born in Spain, is 35 years old and has been competing on the PGA tour and the European Tour for many years. He has won over 40 million dollars.


He has never won a major PGA tournament. That is the rap on the man.

Some call him a choker.

The four majors are the U.S. Open, the Masters, the PGA Championship and the Open Championship.

Apparently he has come close, but no cigar.

I read the interview and liked what the man had to say. He came across like a straight shooter and a likeable guy.

Two days later I am sitting here watching the Byron Nelson tournament and immediately noticed that Sergio Garcia was near the top of the Leaderboard.

I was immediately intrigued and began rooting for the man like he was THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

He eventually took the lead and ended up winning the tournament in a one hole sudden death playoff.

How very cool.

Obviously, had I not read the article, had I not rooted for him, Sergio Garcia would never have won that tournament.

I am a powerful man and getting more powerful all the time.

Sergia Garcia owes me.

The fact that I suddenly became aware and informed about the man, the fact that I put energy out there to root for him, that is what put him over the top.

In addition, from now on when I watch golf, the first thing I am going to do is check to see if Garcia is in the field.

I already enjoy watching golf. It brings me peace.

Having Garcia to root for adds another dimension to my enjoyment.

Nuance, baby - little changes and perspective shifts.

That's how you color your life.

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