Friday, December 23, 2016

And So It Goes

Christmas trees trace the arc of your life.

When we were younger and our kids were younger we made an annual trip to Vermont to buy a Christmas tree from Carol's brother Sarge.

Huge fucking trees. I'm talking 9, 10, 11 feet with a trunk so thick I needed plastic explosive to blow off enough to fit into the stand.

Eventually gave up on that and all that sap and got a fake tree. Pretty nice and still pretty big but not as big as the Sarge monsters.

Kids are gone, we are alone and older still. Now we have a tiny tree, maybe two feet tall, that we sit on  a table. Takes 3 minutes and 44 seconds to erect and decorate.

In a few more years I imagine Carol and I will just walk out into the yard and grab a twig. Bring it inside, sit it on top of the TV and admire its simple beauty.

And so it goes.

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