Monday, June 5, 2017

They Actually PAY Me To Do This? (Are You Fucking Kidding Me?)

Worked my first show last night.

George Thorogood and The Destroyers.

I was the point man in the box office. For a big show like that we have two people just handing out will call tickets, and one person selling last minute tickets and resolving ticketing issues.

I was the latter.

A bit intimidating but not overwhelming. Get to the joint at 5:30, do a bunch or pre-show stuff, then open up the box office at 6:30 - the show is at 7:30.

At 6:30 the lobby is already filled with people who come at the windows in a mad rush, wielding machetes and shotguns. (My recollection may be inaccurate or melodramatic - I cannot really be sure).

Pretty wild but also pretty cool - you got a bunch of happy people all revved up for the band that they love. I can identify with that quite easily.

A few issues here and there, a few mistakes on my part, but then again I have only been on the job for 3 weeks. In 3 more weeks I will own the fucking joint. 3 weeks after that they will rename the place The Joe Testa Center for The Performing Arts.

One humorous incident - a dude comes up to my window and asks about ticket availability and prices. A bit sketchy looking but I kind of dig sketchy. He finally decides he can afford a $44.50 seat in the balcony. He hands me $44 and tells me he is 50 cents short. Asks if that means he cannot buy a ticket.

I tell him no, I am not going to worry about fifty cents.

After he walks away my boss asked me what that was all about. I told him the guy was 50 cents short but I sold him a ticket anyway, told him I would kick in the 50 cents, is that all right?

Boss man said "Hell no, that is not all right" but he was laughing as he said it. Half serious, half not.

Apparently I will have to be a little tougher from now on.

Anyway, I fight off ticket buyers and try to solve problems until we close the box office at around 8:15.

Run through the closing routine, finish up and then at reward.

I walk into the lobby, buy myself a beer and then walk into the theatre where George Thorogood and The Destroyers are up on stage.

For free. I got to walk in for free.

Who the hell has a job like that? Oh, yeah - I do.

And they were rocking that hall. It is the loudest I have heard since I started working there, with the most animated, enthusiastic crowd I have seen so far.

Fucking fantastic.

I stood up back, sipping on my beer, shaking my head in disbelief at my good fortune, and rocking out with everybody else. Stuck around for an hour before I reluctantly left.

I am amazed at my situation. I dig Thorogood but would not have bought a ticket to the show because Carol forces me to set money aside for food and mortgage payments. It has been a lifelong torture for me - skipping concerts I would dig because, well, I just can't afford to go to every concert that I want to.

Now I can. I can work my gig in the box office and when we are done - I can buy myself a beer, walk into the show for free and feed my musical addiction.

I am still giddy today.

Man, sometimes in life (and not too often) a situation comes along that is just too good. Too unbelievable, too damn tasty, too amazing to pass up.

When that happens you gotta grab it by the balls and hold on for dear life.

That is my plan for this job. I am all in. I have really thrown myself into it and will continue to do so until I am King of The Box Office.

Catch myself some beautiful moments along the way.

Feels good. Feels right.

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