Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sweet Inspiration

"my beerdrunk soul is sadder than all the dead christmas trees of the world."

Charles Bukowski

"My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes."

L.M. Montgomery

"I need to be alone. I need to ponder my shame and my despair in seclusion; I need the sunshine and the paving stones of the streets without companions, without conversation, face to face with myself, with only the music of my heart for company."

Henry Miller

"There is a darkness greater than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities....it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril, we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future, or where it will take us. We only know that it is always born in pain."

J.M. Straczynski

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