Friday, September 26, 2014

A Grand Entrance (A Quiet Exit)

There is a temptation to wallow in it.

Especially when a new life comes into the world.

Beginnings and endings. Fading out and exploding in.

Reach a certain stage in your life and you begin to feel the fade. The narrowing of options. A sense of urgency. Painful knees. A stiff back. Shortness of breath.

Disrespect towards the aged. "Fool, we are not going to hire anybody as old as you are."

A friend births a new born baby boy almost simultaneously as a specific hope gets snuffed out.

Suddenly the arc of life is laid out in bright neon lights before you.

And it doesn't look too hopeful from your standpoint.

A kid explodes into this life just brimming with possibilities. When you think about it, every single infant should be named hope.

Because that is what they are. There is hope for them to live a full life of meaning, there is hope from the parents that they can protect, and inspire this tiny human to flourish. Hope from the parents that laughter will punctuate this love and that it will always be there.

Yeah, permanent names should not be assigned until the kid sets a course in life, makes decisions and chooses a path. Give the kid an identity at that point.

But start with hope.

An explosion of life, a fading of life. The balanced equation.

The fading of life. The end approaches. Every defeat seems enormous even as NEED grows in intensity. A need born of awareness.

So much wasted time. Amazing when you think about it just how much time we waste. Years and decades.

This is true of all people all the time. People bemoan the fact endlessly yet time keeps getting wasted.

We are fools, but some slack must be given because we are confused.

Life is precious. Those words carry a lot of weight.

And they don't.

Because few of us live our lives as if they are precious.

So a kid is born, an opportunity dies, the world spins and nobody has the answer.

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