Friday, September 19, 2014


Waiting on pins and needles today.

Waiting on a call. Got hope on a hook, trying to reel it in.

But hope is a slippery devil and it is a delicate and dangerous operation to reel it in.

There's the vibe, there's reality, there's desperation, there's absolute truth and subjective truth.

There is a lesson in wanting something so bad.

It can be a good thing to WANT. Wanting the right things, moving in intelligence, enriching and improving your life.

Making sense of things.

It can be a bad thing to WANT. Wanting in desperation, to escape. Maybe to make a right move, with a little luck, but mostly to escape.

Or maybe it is more of a sign. A sign that something drastic has to change, no matter the outcome.

Or something has to change drastically.

Still hope of any kind is better than none.

Don't forget the words of one Francis Underwood: "Remove hope from the equation."


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