Friday, December 25, 2015

And So This Is Christmas

So here we go.

Christmas 2015.

I don't typically get to wordify in here until the holiday is over. Usually sleep late, read a little, coffee up and get organized for the family assault.

Luckily I was awakened at 6:30 this morning by my asshole neighbor's asshole dog.

How's that for Christmas spirit?

Goddamn dog started barking at 6:30. Our bedroom window is open because it is June in December - the dog might as well have been in bed with us.

So we have been awake for a while.

Anyway..................the good stuff.

It is Christmas day. I am looking forward to spending this special day with my extraordinary family.

Got the full crew today and that makes for a magical, mystical beautiful gathering.

The holiday got kicked off in style last night with Christmas eve dinner at Keith and Emily's.

What a delicious, laid back, natural family get together.

Just the four of us. And Cooper and Jack.

Casual conversation, laughter, and the trust and comfort of family. That deeply warm and safe feeling you get from being with people you love endlessly and trust implicitly.

We sat around the dining room table basking in candlelight and enjoying the excellent meal that Emily had prepared. Even the goofy snickerdoodle flat baked dessert.

You get a few years down the road and everyone has different experiences under their belts, which makes the conversation better - never boring. Things change.

I looked into Keith's eyes and Emily's eyes, I listened to what they had to say; no distractions and I felt closer to them then ever.

This is the 2015 version of Keith and Emily - they have been living their lives and that gives them fresh perspective and deeper wisdom.

They are a fiercely creative couple which makes them even nearer and dearer to my heart.

Beautiful night, beautiful family.

Today it will be Carol, Keith, Emily, Craig, Karen and Eddie. The six people who are as much a part of me as my heart and my soul.

What a very lucky man I am.

I staggered into Christmas because I work in retail. Christmas spirit has been a struggle, even with Bill Murray's help and that of "Love, Actually", which Carol and I enjoyed again in our annual viewing on Wednesday night.

Last night was perfect. Absolutely perfect. It jump started my emotions to exactly where they should be to enjoy Christmas in the way it should be enjoyed.

I'm feeling emotional, grateful and strong today in the awareness of the pure and natural beauty and gift that I am lucky enough to call family.

We Americans have Christmas all screwed up, but when the day arrives, if you are lucky, it does become special.

It is a moment in time.

I will keep my eyes and my heart open today.

To Carol, Keith, Emily, Craig, Karen and Eddie  - Happy Christmas. I love you more than I can ever express in words or in any other way available to me.

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