Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Total Immersion - Part 1

I was going to create one post summarizing my current total immersion in two different directions, but as it played out in my head I realized it would run so long that we would all be dead before reaching the end.

And that is assuming anybody has the interest, the commitment and the endurance to even try, which is a pretty large assumption in and of itself.

Hence part 1 and part 2.

On Thanksgiving Craig mentioned to me that we should see the new Star Wars movie together. He is determined to get me to experience a brain exploding movie in 3D.

Star Wars is obviously the perfect choice.

Carol and I, Craig and Karen, and Karen's dad took in The Wizard of Oz in 3D in days gone by and it was pretty cool. But Craig assured me it wasn't a real 3D experience since the movie was obviously not filmed with 3D in mind.

Craig assigned homework. He suggested I watch all six Star Wars movies before seeing the new one so the saga would be fresh in my mind.

I was all in.

If you have read me consistently in this lunatic blog you know that I don't finish anything I start. I make all kind of plans, make all kind of booming announcements, promise this and talk about that, and then proceed to undermine my own determination.

It's a problem.

However this time I threw myself into the task. I got help from our friend Jason (strange boy who wears a kilt to work) who owns all six movies. He gave me the three originals and kept the three prequels, which we would then swap.

I was working late shift at the time leaving my mornings free. I watched Episode IV on a Thursday a.m, V on Friday, and VI on Monday. Three movies in five days. Stunning.

The bonus was that I really enjoyed them. I forgot how cool it is to lose yourself in complete fantasy.

I typically watch dark movies, independent movies, foreign movies and other things that categorize me as a movie snob. But whenever I watch a Mission Impossible or something quite like it, I totally dig it.

Why do I limit myself so? Apparently my brain has atrophied.

Another bonus was that it was really cool to start the day with a cup of tea and a movie.

Morning is my reading time, when I have the time. It is sacred to me. Suddenly, I realized that a movie in the morning is also a great way to disconnect your brain from reality.


I learned stuff this time around, obvious stuff that I should already have known. Like the fact that (and you will kill me for this one) Princess Leia is Luke Skywalker's sister. I thought she was having a hot menage a trois with Luke and Han Solo.

I don't remember seeing Darth Vader's real face just before he died. I didn't remember how stunning Princess Leia looked in that gold bikini in Episode VI.

I don't remember realizing how powerful the concept of The Force is, how zen-like and cool it is.

I am committed to learning about The Force and to making it a part of my life. My only chance for redemption at this late stage of my life is to become a Jedi warrior. 

I don't remember experiencing the pure joy of watching those cute little Ewoks dancing in celebration. I was all smiles this time around.

The original movies came out in 1977, 1980, and 1983. I was probably drunk and/or high when I saw them. That is my defense for the unknowing of such critical plot information.

The point is...........................I really dug these movies. Enjoyed them without reservation. Got lost in the story and found myself experiencing it emotionally.

Very cool.

I also held true to my commitment. Kilt Boy and I swapped trilogies. I will be watching the first prequel today.

I feel quite mature. 

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