Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One More Time

One more parting shot at dreaded winter (unless I change my mind). We are paupers, so we keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees. 68 degrees is not warm. 72 degrees is warm and that is where the thermostat should be set. We cannot afford to do that because the oil prices are so goddamn high and our incomes are so goddamn low. So not only am I uncomfortable outside in the harsh reality that is New England winter, I am also uncomfortable in my own home. I usually wear four long sleeve t-shirts, a heavy flannel shirt, a heavy duty PATS sweatshirt and a long winter coat with a double lining, and extra heavy sweatpants over my  thermal trap door underwear as I sit in my recliner.
Sometimes I'll open a window for an hour or so, just so it actually feels warm in the house when I close the window. When we entertain, I fill the ice cube trays and set them on the kitchen table to freeze. Usually takes about 15 minutes and is actually quite handy.
Just thought you should know.

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