Wednesday, August 24, 2011

rush limbaugh and his Triple Double Oreo

I collect phrases and words. When I hear something that strikes me, I write it down for later inspiration.
Brilliant idiots. I don't remember where I heard it or maybe read it but I liked the sound of it and knew I could use it. republican politicians and right wing talking heads fit the bill. They are america's brilliant idiots.
rush limbaugh recently made nasty racial comments tying President Obama and his wife to the brand new Oreo cookie - the Triple Double Oreo. This is a cookie with three wafers and both chocolate and vanilla creme filling to separate them. This is a brilliant innovation and one I cannot wait to stuff into my already over sized belly. You would thing a fat bastard like rush would be in ecstasy looking forward to his first five package binge of the new Oreo delicacy, assuming he hasn't already experienced it. But being the intellectual visionary that he is, he took his joy one step further by turning it into a diseased political statement. He called it a "biracial cookie" and said "it wouldn't be long before it's called the Or-Bam-eo, or something like it."
He also suggested that the creation of this cookie is some sort of bizarre backlash to Michelle Obama's focus on healthy eating.
Comments like that should enrage even his listeners but they don't; there is no backlash because there is an audience for comments like that. Which tells you everything you need to know about america.
In 2007, disabled comments on stories about Barack Obama because so many of them were vilely racist. That was before he was even elected. The website explained they don't typically edit negative comments, but that  the volume and persistence of racist comments directed towards the future President made this decision unavoidable.
Glenn Beck called President Obama a "racist, with deep seated hatred for white people or white culture."
Pat Buchanan in a recent discussion with Al Sharpton on MSNBC called President Obama "your boy", which enraged Sharpton who responded "he's nobody's boy, he's your president and he's our president, and that is what you all are going to get through your head."
A woman in NY came a cross a five dollar bill with "let's keep the white house white" stamped on it.
Senator Harry Reid, during the presidential campaign, said Obama as a black candidate could be successful in part due to his "light skinned appearance", and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."
If I had the time I could dig up 100,00 more racist comments indicating the mood and mentality of this country. Now that President Obama has been at it for a while I think it is even worse, because everybody wants to blame him for every thing that is wrong with this country; they want to see him fail because he is black.
republicans and right wing talking heads are brilliant idiots because they use racial hatred to fan the flames. Sometimes subtly, sometimes openly, always stupidly and dangerously, they appeal to this cancer of american society in an attempt to incite people against the President and to condemn him to one term in office. His republican opponents openly admit they want to make him a one term president, which they focus on, instead of the issues that are eating up and destroying the middle class and america itself. They are brilliant at manipulation, although I hesitate to use that word because their approach is vile. They are idiots because they cannot see how dangerous it is to play games with racial hatred; a lot of people died in the sixties because of racially motivated violence.
President Barack Obama is in a dangerous position because of all the issues facing him in this country. Middle class americans are getting royally screwed; screwed out of retirement, out of jobs, out of the value of their homes, out of any kind of a comfortable future in their declining years. And they are afraid and angry and feeling helpless. republicans use these emotions to manipulate opinion against the President; it is difficult to think clearly when you are afraid, when you are emotional. President Obama has not been tough enough, he has been bullied by republicans and he has been overwhelmed with the enormous issues facing him. But his intelligence makes him our best option. He can succeed with the right support.
My biggest fear is that racial hatred will defeat his re-election bid. I don't even understand how he got elected initially; I never believed this country was enlightened enough to elect a black president. If republicans slither into the White House there is no future for this country.
If the voting public was intelligent and unbiased, President Obama would get every single vote cast. Only a pure idiot could vote for the garbage republicans are putting out there. Only a moron could consider people like Romney and Perry and Bachmann as viable candidates.
But this is america. A country whose people wallow in hatred, violence and stupidity.
Some people say that blaming criticism of President Obama on racism is too easy, that there is more to it. I say bullshit. The people of this country can't stand the fact that their President is black and they can't wait to see him defeated. And there are a lot of people who would like to see him assassinated. These people disgust me in ways I cannot even describe.
President Obama cannot eradicate racism in this country, the people in america are not smart enough for that. But he can get re-elected by showing strong leadership and solving some of the huge issues facing him. Maybe. I'm banking that if people realize he is doing the things that will protect them and bring more stability to their lives, they can overlook their hatred, (not solve it, just overlook it) long enough to do what is right for america.
In the meantime I hope Rush Limbaugh chokes on a Triple Double Oreo on camera and on mike, and that as he gasps for air with a red face and jiggling belly, people see him for the immoral buffoon that he is.

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