Friday, September 9, 2016

And Now For Something Completely Different

This vacation is a vacation unto itself.

An American original. No precedent.

As I told you previously we slept deliciously late. Then we went out for a leisurely breakfast. And I mean leisurely. We sat around and shot the shit for a while after chowing. Digging on the people pulling in to Old Orchard Beach.

It is like New York City, baby. Things crank up on Friday. Especially because there is a motorcycle rally every year on this weekend and a bicycle race. So you get a great mix of derelicts and health nuts.

Then we took a walk around downtown. Up this way, down that way.

On the way back we stopped in to a bookstore. Every year I check out this store but I never stop in because I am on vacation. Who the hell needs books?

This year is different. Picked up a biography on Andy Kaufman and a book written by James Lee Burke, one of my favorite authors.

Then we did the pier. I have consumed many an alcoholic beverage on that pier. In good company. But not today. We strolled it for the ambiance.

Got back to the hotel and chilled. I started reading the Kaufman biography. That seemed appropriate for some reason.

Carol crocheted.

We sat on this porch each doing what we love most. For quite a while. As the ocean mesmerized us with its sound and beauty.

Decided to walk the beach. Kind of like walking the earth (Pulp Fiction reference) only completely different.

It was a long walk. We were tired when we got back but it was worth it. Walking the beach is always worth it.

I just took a shower. Carol is taking a shower. In a little while we will meet up with Robin and Cathy for dinner, two people that we dig.

Here is my point.

This time around this visit is about as laid back as a visit can get. As different from any other time we have been here as it could possibly be.

And it feels good.

It ties into the way life changes as you perilously negotiate the curves.

Nothing stays the same.

You gotta roll with it.

I miss the insanity. I miss Sarge, I miss Kevin, I miss seeing Cori and John, I miss being with Paula & Bill.

I feel incredibly peaceful right now.

It is what it is.

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