Saturday, September 10, 2016

Death On The Beach

Came across a dead seagull in the sand yesterday during our beach walk.

This disturbed me greatly.

You just don't expect to see a dead seagull in the sand. Maybe it had washed up with the waves.

They fly around here like they own the joint. Because they do.

Very cool to watch. Many times when we are standing at the porch railing a gull flies right at the building, you feel like you could reach out and touch it and suddenly it rises up and over the top of the building at the last moment.

Gone on to more fun and adventure.

Did a little research on seagulls. Native American symbolism represents the seagull as a carefree attitude, versatility and freedom.

I read that their lifespan is typically 7 to 10 years although I also read that some believe they can live to be a hundred. Seems a little absurd.

I also read that when their lifespan is up they just fall into the ocean and die. I like that image. It is romantic.

Medical science refers to seagulls as the example of nature that defies the universal aging process. There is no loss of agility as they get older, no breaking down of the body. I should have grabbed me some of that gull's DNA to splice with my own.

Seagulls are intelligent, able to learn, remember and pass on behaviors. They are attentive and caring parents. They can drink both fresh and salt water, which is rare in the animal kingdom - they have a special pair of glands right above their eyes specifically designed to flush the salt from their systems.

This seagull's death seems more significant considering my new found knowledge.

I think it hit me more dramatically because of the contrast between it and the exuberant life I see all around me all day up here.

Kids and parents, people and pets, humans exuding abandon, laughter and love, people contemplating quietly, people acting crazy with no embarrassment at all.

Old Orchard Beach is all about life and the temporary adoption of a carefree lifestyle.

Death has no place here.

But it is inexorable and inevitable, no?

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