Friday, September 23, 2016

The Cancer Chronicles

Dramatic title, no?

I am just playing with you. What I am dealing with is minor compared to what some family members and friends have dealt with.

Some successfully; some not.

Still it is a weird progression; it fractures the mind.

Got the cancer dug out of my back on 09/01. Got the nasty stitches clipped out this week.

When she got a look at my back the nurse said "Wow he put industrial strength stitches in there."

Felt good to get them out. Progress.

However, next Tuesday I gotta go in to get the cancer shaved off my nose. Bing, bang, boom - just like that.

Strange kind of stress dealing with this shit. It is for the good and I am quite pleased it was all caught early on.

Still I am still rebounding from the back thing - still sore, still getting very little sleep - and now the nose comes under attack.

Apparently the nose will be bandaged up for a day or two; should be good for some enjoyable pictures. Not sure what the recovery process is but I'll probably be surprised as I was with my back. I did not realize that the back would still be bothering me a month and more down the road.

I will be glad when this intense part of the ordeal is over with. When I have no more appointments to slice up my body; when I get back to feeling normal.

I am walking a fine line here between making too much of this and not making enough of it.

It is not too frightening at this point but it weighs heavy on my mind. That's why I need to get past the slicing and dicing. Get down to the new normal.

My perspective is being sliced up and re-arranged just as my body is.

Patience with stupid people will from now on be in short supply.

I feel it in my bones, in my heart and in my soul.

You better duck.

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