Sunday, January 29, 2017

Always Ducking

You never know where it will come from.

Been reading a bunch of easy reading books lately - flying through them like a stealth bomber through the sky. Resting my brain, I guess.

Reading a collection of short stories from Russell Banks. He wrote "Nobody's Fool", which I read, and which subsequently became a top five favorite movie for Carol and me.

Point is: I like the way the man tells stories.

So I am reading along, innocently, a story called "The Burden", when I got knocked to the ground with the following words.

"When you love someone for years, you lose sight of how that person looks to the rest of the world. Then one day, even though it's painful, you push the person away, and suddenly you can see him the way a stranger sees him. But because you know so much more about him than a stranger can, you are frightened for him, as frightened as you would be for yourself, if you could see in yourself, as you see in him, that you're not quite right, that you don't quite fit into the place the world has tried to make for you."

There is so much truth and insight in those words that I should have cautioned you not to read them.

But it's too late now, isn't it?

I hope you can absorb then without putting a bullet in your brain.

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