Monday, January 2, 2017

Bobby Tried

Bobby had struggled with drink for all of his adult life.

Never considered himself an alcoholic; he just did what he had to do to get by.

Only a moron gets up every day in anguish and comes home in anguish and does nothing about it.

Bobby did something about it. He drank. Brown fluids, baby, the sweet blissful escape of whiskey.

He crawled home from work and went right to the bottle and began working on that. Two or three swallows beat the pain back and made it manageable. Joyful sipping over the course of the rest of the night destroyed the pain miraculously.

Bobby like the way life looked through the prism of whiskey. He enjoyed sitting in his chair feeling like an outlaw drinking his whiskey in extraordinary amounts. Knowing the responsible people out there would frown at what he was doing.

He also knew those responsible people were the scum of the earth; vicious assholes feeding on hypocritical feelings of superiority. Kissing each other's asses, stabbing each other in the back, stepping out to high end bars where they themselves drank to excess.


But lately things had changed. Bobby realized he was making more frequent trips to the liquor store, buying cheaper whiskey and getting less benefit and more pain from his beloved ritual.

He hated his fucking life but did not want to die. Bobby decided upon an experiment.

The holidays were here and Bobby never liked to do anything the easy way. He decided to stay sober from Thanksgiving through the new year. Six weeks of sobriety. Maybe somebody could make a movie out of it; that would be a great fucking title.

It was painful at first, took one hell of a lot of determination. But he stuck it out and it got easier.

Bobby woke up on New Years Day in amazement with no hangover.

He had done it. He had pulled it off.

Of course willpower of that magnitude deserved to be rewarded. Bobby decided to get himself a little whiskey. Drove to the liquor store and got himself a bottle of JTS Brown.

Cheap but soothing.

He pulled out of the parking lot and took a left, stopping at the red light at the four way intersection. The Allman Brothers were on the radio and Bobby was singing along at maximum volume to "Blue Sky". Feeling good about himself.

The light turned green, Bobby cruised forward and was T-boned on the drivers side by a car screaming through the red light.

A drunk driver.

Bobby's neck was snapped, his back was broken and he was fried in his car after it burst into flame.

The drunk driver was not seriously hurt.

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