Friday, January 6, 2017

Yeah, What About THEM?

And what about those fuckers at O? O Steaks and Seafood? What about those assholes in the new year? Huh?

They're still there. That's what's up with them. Sons of bitches. Nothing different. No changes. No need - they got the world by the balls.

Don't think the name of that joint was not carefully planned out. What are the most expensive things on any menu?

Steak and seafood, for Christ sake. Steak and seafood.

A not so subtle message. "If you can't afford steak, if you can't afford seafood, please do not set foot in our establishment. We do not want to smell the odor of failure that your broken down body reeks of."

The O probably stands for orgasm, which is what the regulars experience as they bite into their American Kobe NY Strip and Filet Oscar while watching poor unfortunates rush by on the way to their second job.

Nothing changes in the new year for these scumholes because nothing has to. They have made their deal with the devil and, for the rest of their mortal existence, all they gotta do is sit back and indulge.

Shit, even Hell has become elitist - the fucking Devil will not even talk to anybody who makes less than $175,000 a year.

Little known fact - the barstools have grooves cut out of one corner to accommodate fat wallets. 4"x3"x2.5". That way when a man sits down his body will not be tilted to one side.

Do you realize how much cash it takes to make a wallet 2.5 inches thick?

A fuckload, that's how much.

Sometimes I get out of work and stand across the street from this elitist hellhole and pull a couple of nips out of my pocket.

I chug the first one. I sip the second.

As I'm sipping I concentrate all my fury into a vicious, powerful, laser beam of thought. I try to cause fatal heart attacks in the patrons I'm staring at.

I have not succeeded yet.

But I will not give up.

Happy 2017.

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