Saturday, January 14, 2017


What Would I A Dreamer Do

What would I a dreamer do
The rainbow already has its hue
The sea has long been salted down
And there are far too many clowns
For too many carnivals

Some tell me, Be like me
No one should be like you, you see
Hide your mysterious secret side
While hungry fools have died
Unlocking mysteries

I put on a nice, neat suit
Hide my straw hat and boots
Live the accepted normal life
Answer to Mr., how's your wife?
and your children?

Seems to me to fix up things
I should fly on brazen wings
Passing by all that conforms
Wear no raincoat in storms
And to hell with umbrellas

Why should I wait in my seat
Passing time for a glutton to eat
I may know no other task
But I won't wait, so don't ask
I'll go do something

I don't recall if any or what
Task or duty fell my lot
They say songs are for nothing but to sing
Say the never listening - unhearing
While the music plays

I don't have it all figured, I guess
Maybe I'm confused as the rest
But I won't live 8 to 5
Are the 8 to 5 alive
Even on weekends?

So, I'll walk a lot of streets
Get up and go, whenever I eat
Throw away that business suit
Put neat's-foot oil on my boots
And track mud on somebody's carpet

A poem written by Johnny Cash

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