Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump's Success (For Now)

Trump chose the exact right time to run for president.

He stepped directly into the crossroads of stupidity and frustration that exists in this country right now.

The frustration is real and it is huge.

The citizens of this country are viciously angry and ready to rebel. They are angry that the harder they work the less they get. They are angry that their employers are out to screw them and take advantage of them in every way possible and they do it openly; they don't even try to hide it.

They are angry that the all-american blueprint for life has been turned upside down; that their house is worth less 30 years down the road than it was when they bought it; that they have no retirement, no way to retire; that the social security administration wants them to work longer; that the politicians they elected don't give a good goddamn about how vicious and hard their lives are, while those same politicians live large on graft and bribes and kickbacks, getting all the sex and money and power and fat steaks and expensive cigars they can consume.

That anger is justified. It is real and it makes sense.

At the same time the american public has become stupid. I'm talking stupid like a cretin. I'm talking real lowlife idiotas who live for reality TV, who worship vapid celebrities with no redeeming qualities - celebrities who could not even justify their existence as fertilizer - if you planted their corpses in your garden, everything alive there would die; I'm talking people who walk around with "smart" phones glued to their ears who don't have sense enough to wipe their own asses.

Trump comes along, raging idiot that he is, juvenile menace that he is, and he is embraced by these people who are soul-deep angry and simultaneously embarrassingly stupid.

People at his rallies who drool and spit, whose dentures fall onto the floor; people with wild eyes rolling up into their skulls, people with american flags tattooed on their asses and flying in the back of their pick up trucks.

Full size flags symbolic of the gargantuan size of their ignorance.

This is a potent combination, this anger and this stupidity. Trump could actually win the republican nomination.

Can you imagine if the founding fathers saw this fool in action? After they vomited, they would tighten up the constitution to make sure a clown like this could never even think about running for president.

It is the greatest of blues legends. The one where Robert Johnson goes down to the crossroads to make a deal with the Devil assuring him of fame and fortune as a blues singer, for the price of his soul.

Trump didn't even have to go down to the crossroads. The crossroads came to him.

But you just know that the Devil is still involved.

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