Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Wise Man and A New Favorite

I am sporting a full white beard this year for the first time.

A full beard for the first time; not a white beard for the first time.

My beard has been white long enough for me to feel that age has been dogging me longer than I would care to admit.

I have sported many beards in my lifetime and all of them were kept groomed close to my face like a phony Hollywood type.

The reason was that for some reason when I let the beard grow, as it got beyond a certain point, it would drive me crazy.

So I played it close to the bone.

I decided to grow yet another beard this winter just for the goddamn hell of it and to shake things up.

I let it go and it did not drive me crazy.

I do not know why.

So I let it go and go and go.

Now it is thick and luxurious.

And white.

Everybody keeps calling me Santa Claus.

Cute but unoriginal.

Today, a customer came through my register, one of hundreds that I have a relationship (sort of) with.

He said "The beard looks good. You remind me of Hemingway."

He is my new favorite customer.

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