Thursday, February 25, 2016

No Dream Indeed

Inspiring night on Tuesday night.

Popped down to the state of Massachusetts to spend some time with my brother.

He associates with a higher caliber crowd than I do.

My friends are typically morons, psychopaths, mental defectives, drug dealers, thieves and alcoholics.

My brother hangs with the members of Symphony Pro Musica out of Hudson, MA. This is a group of musicians who perform classical music out of the sheer passion for it and the joy of expressing themselves through their instruments.

These people are exceptionally talented and perform at a very high level. This ain't The Ramones in the garage.

They had a dinner/fund raiser type thing on Tuesday night which I attended with my brother Ed.

The restaurant was excellent and the company was even better. We shared a booth, intermittently, with four other people, all of whom play in the orchestra. (My brother plays with them as well.)

It felt  so goddamn good for me to spend time with people of this caliber and with people who are a cut above, intellectually.

The conversation was interesting, there was laughter, there was some down to earth.

You get stuck in a rut in life, associating with the same people in the same way ad infinitum. This keeps you stagnant as a human; no room or opportunity for growth. No room to even consider that maybe you are hanging with the wrong crowd.

When you get around a whole different set of people and when your reaction is "Holy shit I feel so alive" that, perhaps, is a sign that you are living the wrong life.

I was fascinated by the fact that I was in the company of people who are doing exactly what they love in life. Performing in an excellent orchestra and, for many of them, teaching music during the day.

What a foreign concept.

Imagine spending every day doing what you love all day. As opposed to dragging through every day with your head down and your spirit tortured, only to stagger home to the apathy-enabling comfort of a cushy recliner and a bottle of booze.

Please do not misinterpret - my close friends and my family are quality humans of a high caliber. Unfortunately, the people I work with and those who ripple out from there are just not my kind of people.

One of the many reasons I prefer complete silence to any form of communication.

Anyway, that's it - no great revelations here. I was happy to be exposed to a different world, one that operates on a higher plane, one where people actually like their lives.

I am fairly certain I did not dream it.

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