Saturday, February 27, 2016


If you truly love your cats, nothing can be accomplished.

You have been reading since eight a.m. You plan on getting up at 11:00 to get your day moving, to get things done, to create positive movement..

One of your cats jumps into your lap at 10:30 and, after circling around for five minutes, curls up and goes to sleep.

11:00 comes and goes; you cannot disturb this precious animal that is sleeping so peacefully and so trustfully in your lap.

You read until 12:30 and now your day is shot. All ambition is gone.

You cannot get yourself to exercise, you cannot get yourself to look online at job listings, you cannot get yourself to remove all the superfluous clothes out of your armoire in your quest for organization.

Yet somehow, even as you feel like a sloth, a loser and an uninspired fool, you know in your soul that those two hours actually extended your lifespan.

You know, intuitively, they were worth it.

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