Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Precise Moment

I ranted about the thrill of voting last night.

The exact moment I decided to vote for Bernie was thrilling as well.

As I previously informed you, I had been struggling between Hillary and Bernie for a while. Back and forth. Back and forth.

Bernie was saying everything my heart wants to hear but I wondered how the hell he was going to make this happen.

Hillary is eminently qualified to be president, more so than any other candidate, but she is so wrapped up in big money and the status quo that I don't trust her.

I was having a conversation with a 20 year old woman/child at work. She is a Bernie supporter but was working her way through the same doubts as I was regarding the Bernie vs Hillary scenario.

I was offering sage advice as the wise elder. I told her you have to go with your heart. You have to vote for the person you want to be president, the one who represents the things that matter to you, the one who connects with the emotions in your heart.

The second those words left my mouth I realized I had to vote for Bernie. I realized I had to take my own advice.

As I was convincing her I was convincing me.

It was a supreme moment.

What made it even better to me, what made it truly meaningful, was that I was having a conversation with a 20 year old. A woman/child who was voting for the first time in her life.

How very cool.

We were working together again this morning.

She came in two hours after me.

We high fived and celebrated Bernie.

How very cool.

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