Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reservoir Dogs

"Reservoir Dogs" is one of my go to movies.

I get home last night looking for some movie action. Tuesday night is Joe's night in - the wife is bowling, me and the cats have the house to ourselves.

I love movies.

Problem is selecting a movie to watch is excruciating and difficult. You would think with all the options - I have Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others through Roku that I haven't explored enough yet - you would think with that many movies at my fingertips, finding something tasty would be easy.


You gotta plan ahead.

As long as you are the kind of person that just can't settle for any goddamn movie - and I am - trolling through hundreds of titles will drive you crazy.

When I am organized I check Redbox to see what the newest releases are, then (and I don't know why, because Redbox obviously gets movies a lot sooner)) I check the streaming channels to see if I can get them free.

99% of the time I cannot, but sometimes I find an interesting movie on Redbox that is a little bit older and I can snag that up from one of the streaming services.

Still, not a problem because Redbox is only $1.50 and I can reserve the movie I want online and just go and pick it up.

I was not organized last night and I really needed something heavy.

So I dialed up "Reservoir Dogs."

So much I love about that movie.

The opening scene where they are all sitting around shooting the shit at breakfast. The whole tip or not tip discussion. The deal with Joe reading the names in his notebook and driving Mr. White crazy.

Mr. Blonde dancing to "Stuck In The Middle With You" before he cuts off officer Marvin Nash's ear. That is without a doubt the most evil scene in any movie anywhere.

Mr. Orange writhing in pain in the back seat of the car after being shot in the gut - I mean writhing in pain - he looks so uncomfortable it makes me uncomfortable, it makes me squirm.

And the blood. Jesus Christ he is soaked in his own blood there and it gets worse when they get to the warehouse. If the average person holds 1.2 gallons of blood in their body, Mr. Orange loses at least three gallons in that movie.

The scene when Mr. Orange gets picked up to go rob the jewelry store and before he walks out of his apartment he looks in the mirror and says: "Don't pussy out on me now. They don't know. They don't know shit. You're not gonna get hurt. You're fucking Beretta. They believe every fucking word 'cause you're super cool."

Love that.

The scene in the warehouse when Mr. White is giving Mr. Blonde a ration of shit and Mr. Blonde says: "Are you gonna bark all day ..........(pause), little doggie, or are you gonna bite? " Said as only Michael Madsen can say it.

The scene where Joe is assigning everybody their names and Steve Buscemi objects to being called Mr. Pink and a whole discussion ensues.

The final shoot out always drives me crazy.

I know Joe shoots at Mr. Orange, Mr. Orange kills Joe, Nice Guy Eddie shoots, Mr. White but how the hell does Nice Guy Eddie die?

The scene is controversial because it is confusing.

Supposedly Mr. White shoots Joe and Nice Guy Eddie, but I don't see that.

Who cares. It's a cool ending.

Anyway, I dug on "Reservoir Dogs" last night and it delivered, just like it always does.

Goddamn movie was made in 1992. I must have watched it 25 times by now and I still love it.

That is what a go to movie is all about, baby.

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