Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Load Off My Back

I dumped my primary care physician.

It was cathartic.

What a strange and unwonderful relationship we had. She was a brick and I was drowning slowly. (I've always loved that lyric - courtesy of Ben Folds Five.)

Used to be my doc was a guy around my age. He understood my problems and we spoke candidly. He did not push anything on me. I knew we were talking the same language when he asked me "Do you have to stand closer to the toilet when you urinate now?"

When he retired I got a new doc - a woman, which I have no problem with except that she approached medicine like a used car salesman.

Our meetings were combative. She did not like to be questioned, and when I did or when I contradicted her she would get defensive and angry. She would exude that "I am the doctor here and how dare you question me" vibe.

First of all I do not like the term "primary care physician." Makes it sound like you have someone dedicated to the singular pursuit of your health and well being. What they are really dedicated to is writing as many prescriptions as possible, getting whatever kick backs are available to them and keeping insurance companies and their peers happy.

The new doc would push flu shots on me every winter. I mean really hammer it home. She would use scare tactics about how it can be dangerous for "someone my age" to get the flu. Scare tactics were her go to approach. That is embarrassingly unprofessional.

I don't believe in flu shots. Something about the hype makes me suspicious. I refused, we argued.

She switched blood pressure medications on me from one that was working to one that decidedly did not work. And then she wanted to prescribe a second medication to go with the new one that wasn't working.

I pushed her to go back to the original medication and she argued with me. What a dimwit. I stuck to my guns and eventually prevailed. My blood pressure is now a thing of beauty.

I recently had a throat issue that shook me up a bit. Her sage advice was to wait - the symptoms would probably go away. No concern for trying to pinpoint the cause. I had to fight with her to get her "referral" to see an ear, nose and throat guy. I got the impression she did not want to disturb one of her peers - a "specialist" - with a situation she felt was unnecessary.

Surprise, surprise - the specialist told me I was doing the right thing to get checked out.

This lowlife, loser, wombat, quack represents proof positive that the primary concern of the medical profession is not your health. That comes in about fourth or fifth on their priorities list.

Make you feel comfortable?

I am starting fresh. New doctor, new medical group.

If I do not receive the care I expect, if I get the impression that my health is a secondary concern, that is when I revert to the type of health care that resonates with my soul.

That is when I invoke the spirit of Marie Laveau.

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