Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something Evil

What the hell am I gonna do about football?

What the hell am I gonna do with the NFL?

I'm diggin' on some football on Sunday. I gorge on as much football as Carol will allow. She lets me watch a whole bunch of it but when she finally reaches her limit she says "Go clean the toilets."

PATS, obviously. Switching over to the other game during commercial breaks.Then chunks of other games.

Four o'clock game. Sunday night game. And on to Monday night.

Anyway I'm watching Colts/Broncos. At the end of a play a little arguing is going on. I watch Aquib Talib calmly walk over to Dwayne Allen and stick his finger in Allen's eye. Right through his face mask, which takes focus.

Deliberately. Almost in slow motion.

I could not believe it. Allen was in so much pain he went down on one knee.

I was disgusted. I was actually furious.

The league suspended Talib for one game. The low life bastard has appealed the decision.

This is what Talib said: "I didn't initially poke him in his eye, but as you could see, I did get his eye. It was unintentional.......................Of course I'm going to try to get it to something more reasonable, just for the simple fact that it was not intentional. I didn't walk over there like 'I'm going to poke this guy in the eye.'

Yes he did. Yes he did. It was so obviously intentional he should be executed for doing it. And then he should be resurrected and executed again for lying about it.

Then, today, on two different sports talk radio shows I heard two different hosts say almost the same identical thing. Something along the lines of "Yeah, that was not a good thing for Talib to do, but I gotta be honest with you - that's kind of why I like him. He's a real competitor."

Are you kidding me? I don't care how much you love the game and the violence and insanity that goes along with it.

If you condone that kind of viciousness you are a low life, cretinous fool.

The mere fact that Ndamukong Suh is still in the league is the most disgusting indictment of how the NFL's greed trumps any sense of morality and justice.

I love the goddamn game. Can't live without it.

But the "corporate giant" mentality of the league office and owners, the disgusting off field violence that players engage in, the on field vicious and illegal violence that players engage in, the lying and denials, and the caveman-like acceptance of all this by moronic fans and commentators just shakes me to the core.

I feel the guilt of an observer watching an execution. Sure it's fun, but it feels like there's something evil about it.

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