Friday, November 6, 2015

Once, I Was Bill Belichick's Best Friend

Yesterday, I awoke at 4:00 a.m.

Had to visit the bathroom.

Crawled back into bed and drifted into that trance-like, dreamlike state of semi-awakeness and semi-sleep that bedevils me at times like that, resulting in me crawling out of bed exhausted at the alarm's shriek.

Makes me appreciate most other mornings when I crawl out of bed only tired.

The hallucination:

I was at a PATS game but it was not at Gillette. It was more like a high school field with high school bleachers and a high school sized crowd. Sitting half a field away from THE PATS bench.

At one point I got up and walked over to THE PATS bench. Sat down right next to Belichick, who turned to me, greeted me warmly, and shook my hand. Like we were old friends. Like he was very glad to see me.

We talked for a while and as we did a fight broke out in the stands in the section of the bleachers I had come from.

For some reason this disturbed Bill greatly and he wanted to know what the hell was going on. So we got up, walked over to that area and began asking questions in an effort to figure out what caused the disturbance.

We got contradictory stories and could not get at the truth.

Finally Bill said to me: "You were sitting in this section, why don't you know what the hell happened?"

I tried to explain to him that the fight broke out while I was sitting with him, but he would not listen. He would accept no excuses.

He asked me a couple of times, and when I could not provide the information he wanted, he walked away furious at me.

This is how my brain works.

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