Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Comparison

Watched a chunk of the republican national convention last week. Watched the first night of the Democratic national convention last night.

Two different worlds.

republicans were vicious and mean spirited, continuously attacking Hillary Clinton in a juvenile way. It was all about hate, it was all about ratcheting up emotions in people too uninformed to know what was being done to them.

Frustrated, angry people - people busting their ass every day just to make it through the day with no clue about what tomorrow may bring. People being manipulated by Trump and his lackeys into believing that a billionaire republican presidential candidate (I can't believe I'm writing those words about Trump) actually cares about the working stiff, about their struggles, about the inequities in the system designed to keep the poor where they are; to rob them of any dignity or hope.

Trump got rich by manipulating the system to his advantage, and that includes stiffing contractors and employees, filing for bankruptcy repeatedly and lying, cheating and stealing.

I despise that but there is nothing I can do about it. That is the way America operates - both in business and in politics.

What I despise is that Trump has tapped into the frustration, anger and hopelessness of working class people and is using those emotions to manipulate them into believing that he will be their savior.

There is more of Satan in Trump than savior.

The republican national convention was vicious, juvenile, negative and divisive.

An accurate reflection of their candidate.

Last night the Democratic convention was attended by and run by adults. The speeches were positive, they were uplifting. When they attacked Trump it was done professionally and subtly.

Except for Elizabeth Warren, who goes for the jugular.

Attendees who were interviewed spoke intelligently; they were informed. Attendees at the rnc who were interviewed came across as the idiotic sheep that they are. Obviously uninformed and blindly following Donald Trump into the abyss.

One thing that really got to me about the DNC last night were the tears in the audience when Bernie Sanders spoke. Lots of them.

This man has built a career in consistent expression of his ideals and he has never wavered. He is the candidate who has truly got the backs of the American people.

He understands their troubles, he cares about them and he fights for them.

I think it is a rare situation when genuine tears are shed by voters over the defeat of a presidential candidate.

That shows how deeply Bernie moved people.

He did his part last night to persuade his supporters to support Hillary Clinton. As disappointed as they are this is what has to happen to help insure that Trump Chump does not get near the White House.

Three more nights to go at the DNC. I hope fervently that every single Democratic voter comes around to supporting Hillary Clinton.

And some republicans too.

Not sure what to expect there. But I am positive that the rest of the convention will continue to take the high road. That people will speak intelligently, honestly and passionately.

In direct contrast to the immature shit show the republicans put on.

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