Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Brain Is Bruised In Numb Suprise

I am getting numb.

From the non-stop violence and killing.

84 dead in Nice, France.

I am not talking numb as in I feel nothing as every tragedy unfolds; I am talking numb as in some dude in a bar fight who is getting his ass kicked and slumps to the floor, unable to raise another finger while the other guy continues to punch him in the face.

I am overwhelmed, emotionally spent, horrified, disgusted and a little edgy.

I feel empty. I feel powerless.

I feel no hope.

No clue how you fight back against this kind of violence, and I am talking about the vicious race-related killing going on in this country as well as global terrorism.

I cannot count on our political leaders to figure this out because they politicize everything as if it were a game or as if the only thing that matters is their job or their party.

This is not a game. The world is becoming exponentially more dangerous every day and our lives are getting smaller.

It does not feel like it is going to stop. It does not feel like we are making any progress at all.

Maybe if all the powerful countries in the world worked together in an effort to wipe out terrorism.

Maybe if our gifted intellectuals found a way to educate people about the fact that we are all in this together and that racial differences mean nothing.

Maybe if the NRA gave up its strangle hold on Congress.

Maybe if our political "leaders" abandoned partisan politics and concentrated on what is right for their constituents and this country.

Holy shit - excuse me - I was dreaming again. Apparently I slipped away.

I apologize for the distraction.

Go back to your lives. Slip back into normal.

And hope you don't get killed.

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