Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comfort Entertainment

The day after I finished reading "Infinite Jest" I picked up "Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?"

Cool book, Carol recommended, about how we underestimate the intelligence of animals because of our own biased assumptions. This is right up my alley because I love animals and automatically assume they are intellectually and morally superior to humans (see previous post.)

If I loved our cats any more than I do it would be illegal.

However, I did not count on my brain being as bruised as it was. "Infinite Jest" really sloshed my brain around in my head. "Are We Smart Enough" is not a deeply technical book or overwhelming in any way, but there is enough references to studies and such that my black and blue brain could not comprehend it.

Not then, anyway. I still salivate at learning how animals are superior to us but now is not the right time.

So I put it down and picked up "Bridge of Sighs" by Richard Russo and was instantly comforted.

Russo wrote "Nobody's Fool", a great book that was made into one of mine and Carol's favorite under the radar films. We have watched it 3,750 times and are shooting for 10,000 before our frail and vulnerable bodies are ground to dust.

He also wrote "Empire Falls" which was made into an HBO mini series that Carol and I dug deeply.

"Bridge" is the right book for my brain and emotions at this time. I have lost myself in the story; I am deeply comforted every morning as I read it.

The other night I was in a movie mood and dialed up "Everybody's Fine", starring Robert DeNiro and other notable thespians.

Didn't know a goddamn thing about the movie but the description sounded promising and after all, we are talking DeNiro.

It occurs to me that two of my favorite actors in this and any parallel universe are Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. Two fine, young, Italiano boys.

I am full blooded myself. Apparently Italians rule the world (and deservedly so).

The movie was great. Emotional, meaningful, though provoking.


My brain is healing and I will be back on track soon vis a vis diving into more challenging waters.

But for now I am comfortable in being comforted.

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