Saturday, July 9, 2016

Two Friday Things

I was driving to work yesterday afternoon and was passed by a Heineken delivery truck traveling in the opposite direction.

Which makes sense when you think about it.

Bright, shiny and clean the way those trucks always are. The picture of the moist bottle on the side of the truck made me thirsty.

A Heineken truck delivering weekend happiness in 12 ounce doses.

Got out of work five hours later. Slowly cruising down South Main Street in Concord. Looking around.

I'm really starting to dig downtown Concord.

Glanced over to my left and spied a guy walking briskly down the sidewalk carrying two large pizzas.

Had a Friday night look about him.

"Working For The Weekend" - Loverboy.

"Everybody's working for the weekend, everybody wants a little romance, everybody's goin' off the deep end, everybody needs a second chance."

'Tis true. We all work and live for the weekends.

A little Heineken, a little pizza.

Might as well enjoy it.

The little things, baby - the tiny moments of release.


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