Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Peek Behind The Curtain

Sitting at the kitchen table praying to the laptop perched in front of him.

The kitchen is dark, it is always dark. One cupboard door left open in frustration; damn cat would not take her medication.

Doesn't she understand?

Clean dishes in the right sink, dirty in the left. Is it time to run the dishwasher? Not sure; just sitting here.

Pan sitting on the stove, needs cleaning; yesterday's breakfast. Three eggs, over easy embellished with salt, pepper, basil leaves and smoked paprika. Damn delicious.

Hard day yesterday. Emotionally.

The pan will clean easily because it has been soaking; always soak the hard stuff - why waste precious energy scrubbing?

The cats have taken up their winter positions; one in the cardboard box that sits over a heating vent; one under the bed in the downstairs bedroom, where it is super warm.

Very little screened-in porch time now - so sad; they are so bored.

Bottle of water sitting on the counter cooling down. Gonna bring it to work later on. Really should store the water somewhere else; it gets too damn warm sitting where it sits and too damn cold in the fridge.

Fantasy aside: A customer pisses you off at work asking stupid questions or questioning how you rang their precious order up. You take a mouthful of water, calmly swish it around your mouth, then spit it into their face.

Tupperware container sitting on the counter, seven chocolate chip cookies left inside, a Crown Royal bag sitting on top.

Another Tupperware container on the counter holding one remaining hunk of luscious strawberry cake; that hunk of cake is doomed. Precious icing bag sits on top bursting with promise; the final hunk will be covered in additional strawberry icing.

Six or seven David Ortiz/Dunkin Donuts stickers leaning up against two beer mugs, held up by a box of Market Basket lens cleaning tissues.

Snoopy phone reigns over everything else on the counter and always has; been perched there for decades.

Rotary dial, baby.

Amazon boxes stacked up in front of the recyclable bins, so much so you gotta move the damn boxes to recycle anything.

Amazon is ubiquitous.

Kitchen table is littered with laziness.

Books, Verizon LG phone boxes, notebooks, LTD Commodities catalogue, plastic bags (don't know what's in them), canvas carry bags, notes, printed receipts, clean glass food conatiner with red plastic lid, checkbook deposit slips, device charging apparatus, CD's, one of which - "Wanted - The Outlaws" featuring, Waylon, Willie, Jessie Coulter and Tompall Glaser, should be in every household in America.

One cat wheezes as she sleeps oh so peacefully in ultimate contentment.

Just a snapshot.

That is all this is.

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