Monday, October 3, 2016

Sub Plot

Carol has been a supporter of NPR for a few years now.

Monthly donations, not too painful, very meaningful.

Carol has strong beliefs and stronger opinions and she supports those positions consistently. She loves NPR, listens to it every day and gets a lot of pleasure out of it as well as a lot of information.

She was rewarded last week with tickets to a show featuring Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen.

Free tickets.

We went to pick up the tickets at the box office prior to the beginning of the performance and were handed an envelope with one ticket in it.

To which Carol responded "Whoa there, mister - I was told to expect two tickets." The person behind the window became uncomfortable, spent a few long minutes investigating things on her computer which made her and us very uncomfortable, and finally asked us to step over to the next window where "everything would be taken care of."

Carol handed the dude behind that window our one ticket and explained "I do not want to have to buy a ticket, I want a second ticket and I want the seats to be together."

Not unreasonable.

We spent a few more uncomfortable minutes standing there until the manager came over to bale out the poor dude at the computer and eventually hand back to us two tickets, side by side.

The usher walked us to our seats only to find two people sitting in our seats, half way down the floor, close to the middle of the stage.

When the usher asked to see their tickets she realized the tickets were duplicates. Those people had the exact same tickets we did. Same row, same seat numbers.

The usher said she had to consult with the manager and asked us to wait in the aisle.

More awkwardness as we stood in the middle of people filing to their seats, everybody looking at us like we were Bonnie and Clyde.

Finally the usher came back and jokingly said "I am sorry to tell you I am going to have to move you closer to the stage."

We ended up sitting six rows from the stage, dead center.

I'd say we made out all right.

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