Monday, October 31, 2016

$5 Minimum

Had a spectacular occurrence yesterday.

Stopped into the Henniker pharmacy on the way back from a dump run, to pick up 81 mg Bayer aspirin.

I take one daily, hopefully to ward off or minimize the chance of a heart attack. I figure cancer took a wack at me, I might as well try to protect the heart.

(Truthfully I have been doing the aspirin thing for a long time).

Grab me up a $7.63 size box and head up the counter.

Guy in front of me buys something minimal, tries to charge it and the woman behind the counter tells him there is a $5 minimum for credit card use.

He is a little pissed, starts looking around the counter for something else to buy but there is only gum and useless stuff like that. Not even a quality candy bar.

He turns around to me and says "I'll buy that for you." I tell him I have no cash to pay him back and he says "doesn't matter."

The woman swipes it, he hands it back to me, I thank him and walk out the door.

Ain't life grand.

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