Saturday, October 8, 2016

Feeling Groovy (Lately)

Woke up feeling happy this morning.

Been happening a lot more lately.

Typically a foreign emotion in me but it seems to be gaining traction lately. Have to make sure I don't start taking it for granted. Because since I am not used to it, it feels like a Christmas present every time.

The kind of Christmas present that brings you true joy in surprise; not the kind you have to pretend to be happy about.

It is a comfortable feeling. Devoid of anxiety. Stress free.

A pure emotion.

Speaking of comfort I have been taking it easy on my brain, reading-wise. Been indulging in a lot of easy flowing fiction, not really challenging my brain, just enjoying stories for the sake of the story.

"The Satanic Verses" lies in wait. Written by Salman Rushdie in 1988. It is a work of fiction that nevertheless created great controversy in the Muslim world. The Muslims accused the author of blasphemy and of mocking their faith. To the point where a fatwa was declared calling for Rushdie's death. Several assassination attempts were made and Rushdie had to hide in exile for many years.

I want to do some research before I read the book so I can get the most out of it. I am not ready for that commitment right now.

Also have a 900 page biography of Vincent van Gogh stealthily waiting for me. The man fascinates me and I love his paintings. Now that my true personality is crawling out from the dark, some of his prints will soon hang on the walls of my house.

Still, I am not ready for that either.

This morning I began a new book. "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle." Easy reading fiction.

But it is one of those books that brings you peace. Right from page one. Out of the pile of books I have waiting to be consumed I immediately knew I had made the right choice this morning.

I was happy when I crawled out of bed this morning, happy when my ass hit the recliner, happy as I sipped on a delicious dark roast cup of coffee and immediately at peace as I began this novel.

Perspective is everything, baby.

My head is inhabiting good space these days.

And it feels completely natural.

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