Thursday, October 29, 2015


These words are a 100% accurate description of the medical community in the United States today. This is why our lives are always in danger.

"But how to find an actual good doctor? I knew that good, honest physicians were as rare as good honest grease monkeys or good, honest lawyers."

"This is one of the things that made me leery of these guys. They seemed never to remember anything about you that wasn't in your medical file, and even then only if the record lay open before them like a cheat sheet. There was no human or personal element. You were not a lost mortal creature with a life with which you had entrusted them, but only a mess of test results from an impersonal, unknown, industrial-suburban laboratory with which they had a sweetheart deal. If you told them your wife passed away, they would probably ask you how she was when they next saw you, if they could remember that you had ever had a wife."

From "Me And The Devil" by Nick Tosches

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