Thursday, October 29, 2015


I am tired today.

Didn't sleep well for the second night this week. Even our magic mattress is no match for an anxious mind.

My anger has bubbled up to the surface like it hasn't in a while. My anger is of the immature, dangerous variety. I slam things, I punch things, I throw things. Some utensils took a beating as I washed the dishes this morning. Many an empty booze box has met its demise at work at the expense of my anger.

I am feeling frustrated, lost, directionless, boxed-in and suffocating.

I need to learn to channel my anger more as a weapon, rather than as a self destructive impulse.

Many would pay in that circumstance and it would be satisfying.

Things will improve tonight. I come home to Carol. I come home to the cats. I come home to THE PATRIOTS.

Until then anyone who staggers within striking distance of my gravitational pull with bad intentions, risks much.

I bear you no ill will.

I hope your day is glorious.

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