Monday, July 6, 2015

A Severe Summer Warning

Please be exceptionally careful.

Two of the three major summer weekends have gone by.

Memorial Day.

July 4th.

All we have left is Labor Day weekend and you don't want that bastard to come around too soon.

This is the way summer works, isn't it?

You wait for it, pray for it, anticipate it with all its slow moving sweet warmth and outdoor fun.

Shorts and T-shirts.

Suddenly you look up and it is racing away from you. You reach out desperately to grab a hold of it to slow it down but it cannot be done.

You fall down with the effort as summer shows you its back.

As it stands today you have 60 days to fill with life, love and fun before Labor Day wrestles you to the ground.

If you do not do so you are a fool.

If you do not do so, before you know it, you will be standing by the side of the road where your car skidded off when you hit a patch of black ice.

Your car will be on its side, you will be a little shaken and a lot pissed as you try to call for help and realize your cell phone battery is dead.

You are standing knee deep in wet snow as a snowstorm rages around you.

You are cursing yourself for not making the most of that brief, tiny little thing called summer.

You are wondering who the hell invented New England.

1 comment:

  1. God it's hot...I mean HOT... Can't wait for summer to end....can't wait for the coolness of 70's of Fall and green color of grass and trees in the 50's of Winter. Oh...sorry thinking out load again. Now where did I put my Sunday flip flops.