Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who Needs Apple?

OK. I'm sitting on my screened in porch talking to you.

And I am excited.

I am typing on my brand new laptop.

In between yawns you ask What is the big goddamn deal? Everybody has a laptop today.

In fact everybody today is born with a laptop in one hand and a smart phone in the other,which makes it very hard on the birth mother.

At birth and before.

At birth because the female body has not yet evolved to the point of accommodating high tech in the birth canal .

Before birth because there is no Wi-Fi in the womb, which makes for a pissed off fetus.

All true.

I am still living in the 20th century. I did not even have a laptop until a few months ago and I still use a goddamn flip phone. I try to use it only at night so people will not notice.

 Craig came to my rescue and gave me an old laptop of his, for which I was grateful.

However it was slow and hard to negotiate. It was an upgrade for me and I was happy but I am not a patient man and the laptop ground up a lot of patience.

I coveted an apple laptop but I am forced to pay my mortgage instead.

Keith turned me on to google chromebooks, which are infinitely affordable and ......voila.......here I am.

Rescued by both of my sons. That, my friends, is a super cool deal.

So I am as a young school boy on the first day of summer vacation.

Just received this little beauty today.

Hopefully it will improve, streamline, inspire and inform my life. I do not plan to use it as just a toy.

That's all. I can see that you are bored.

Ciao, baby.

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