Saturday, July 18, 2015

Subsequent Thoughts

It occurred to me as my mind marinated in its own neuroses that my commentary on Father's Day could be misconstrued.

My point of view is from a marketing perspective - the way Father's Day is sold versus the way Mother's Day is sold.

Like if you forget Mother's Day you might as well flee the country, whereas if you forget Father's Day clown-Dad will not even notice.

Speaking personally my Father's Days are magnificent. My sons and my wife take very good care of me and make me feel like maybe, just maybe, I was (am?) a good dad.

Father's Day 2015 was celebrated at Craig's place. He barbecued for us, we met Karen's mom for the first time and once again enjoyed the company of Karen's dad. Keith was there to fill my heart with pride and my brother Ed was there as well, which had to be very tough for him.

I missed Emily, who I in my own strange way will always consider as my daughter, but she is an exceptional person who works hard at what she loves and is consequently hard to pin down.

I had Carol at my side, the woman who is at the very center of all this Father's Day reality and whose version of Mother is the perfect yin to my unpredictable yang.

Father's Day in general does not carry the weight of Mother's Day but, in my family, I feel like it comes pretty close.

I am a very lucky man.

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